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Haifa Cal Prime (1000) 25 kg

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Haifa Cal Prime (1000) 25 kg

Item no. 150011222
pallet = 1000 kg
pallet = 40 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Haifa Cal Prime is a water soluble fertilizer with calcium nitrate, an efficient soure of calcium and nitrogen.

When the right amount of calcium is added to the crop, the chance for a better quality and preservability of the plant after yield, increases. Nitrate is taken in by the plant directly, resulting in an efficient intake of calcium.


  • Completely water soluble
  • Composed out of ingredients of plant origin
  • Free of sulphates
  • Free of sodium, chlorine and other harmful substances
  • Suitable for the production of nutriënt solutions
  • Can be mixed

*Mixing of Haifa Cal Prime is possible with other types of water soluble fertilizers. However, it cannot be mixed with solutions that contain phosphates or sulphates.


 Nitrogen total (N) 15.5%
 Nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3) 14.4%
 Ammonia nitrogen(N-NH4) 0.3%
 Calcium oxide (CaO) 26.5%
 Calcium (Ca) 19.0%


Haifa Cal Prime is especially suitable for irrigation.


Haifa Cal Prime is available in bags of 25 kg.

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