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Haifa ProteK PK:52-37 (1150) 10kg ##

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Haifa ProteK PK:52-37 (1150) 10kg ##

Item no. 150010199
pallet = 1150 kg
pallet = 115 bag
bag = 10 kg
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Haifa Protek ™ is an innovative systemic fertilizer suitable for Nutrigation ™ and foliar fertilizers . This product contains
phosphorus ( P) in the form of phosphite, so that the plant can absorb the better .

Haifa - Protek stimulates the vegetative growth and development of the roots and fosters the size of the fruit and
the overall yield .

Haifa Protek ™ is an environmentally friendly product.
Haifa - Protek ™ is rapidly and efficiently absorbed by the plant. In the case of foliar late Haifa Protek ™ no
stains or residue.

Haifa - Protek ™ has a unique composition in the form of crystalline making it easier to use and on to
beat is with respect to the liquid variant .
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