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Potassium Bicarbonate (1100/44) 25 kg

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Potassium Bicarbonate (1100/44) 25 kg

Item no. 150911332
pallet = 1100 kg
pallet = 44 bag
bag = 25 kg
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Potassium bicarbonate can be applied as an acidity regulator.

A plant needs potassium for various roles in internal processes within the plant, such as the process of opening and closing the stomata for moisture regulation. Potassium also contributes to the firmness of plant cells.


Potassium (K)min 38%
Chlorine (from KCI)

max 0.02%

Sulphides (asK2S04)max 0.04%



Use this solid potassium bicarbonate as an acidity regulator.


Potassium bicarbonate is available in bags of 25 kg.

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