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Spreadable fertilizers

Spreadable fertilizers are fixed fertilizers which are applied in powder, bricks or granular form. Royal Brinkman offers various types of fertilizers such as spreadabel fertilizers.

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 Item no.TitleDescription  
446100919 AZ-Lawn 10kg
446100871 AZ-chalk 10kg
446100341 Buxus growth package (5) 2kg
150010061 Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (1000) 25kg
150111016 Calcium Carbonate 15% (1000) 25kg
150010110 Calcium Cyanamide Perlka (1000) 25kg
150011319 Calcium Nitrate Tropicote (1400) 25kg
446100439 Conifers-AZ (5) 2kg
150123250 DCM Green Lime (granule) (1200) 20kg
150123149 DCM MIX 1 (9-5-3 minigran®) (900) 25kg
150123148 DCM MIX 2 (7-6-12 granulate) (900) 25kg
150123246 DCM MIX 2 (7-6-12 minigran®) (900) 25kg
150123168 DCM MIX 3 (9-3-6 minigran®) (825) 25kg
150123151 DCM MIX 5 (10-4-8 granule) (900) 25kg
150123161 DCM MIX 5 (10-4-8 minigran®) (900) 25kg
150123171 DCM MIX 6 (6-3-18 minigran®) (900) 25kg
150123170 DCM NK-MIX (10-8 minigran®) (900) 25kg
150124316 DCM Occu-Fungus instant (minigran) (900) 25kg
150123179 DCM Vivifos P30 (900) (minigran) 25kg
150123165 DCM Vivikali (NK 2-20 minigran®) (900) 25kg
150123180 DCM Vivisol + Bacillus (granule) (900) 25kg
150124245 DCM soil Mediterra (2160lit) 40 lit
150124244 DCM soil Mediterra (2160lit) 40 lit
150124243 DCM soil Mediterra (2160lit) 40 lit
150111002 Dologran 5% (1000) 25kg
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Types of spreadable fertilizers

Speadable fertilizers are divided in synthetic and organic fertilizers. With organic fertilizers, the soil life converts the fertilizers. Organic fertilisers are called slow-released because they are coated, which ensures that the nutrients are released slowly and evenly. 

Forms of spreadable fertilizers

Spreadable fertilizers can be synthetic or organic and are available in various forms. The fertilizers are available in powder, bricks or granular. These substances ensures a better spreading capacity of the fertilizers. 

Use of spreadable fertilizers

Spreading fertilizers can be done by hand or with a granular spreader. A granular spreader distributes the fertilizer granules evenly. In this way, each crop has the same amount of nutrition. In addition, fertilizers can be mixed with potting soil. To ensure that the elements from a fertilizer, such as granules, are released, water is always needed. The water ensures that the granules fall apart and that the plants can absorb the nutrients. 
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