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Ultrasol Easybag

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Ultrasol Easybag

Item no. 999700193
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With the Ultrasol Easybag, you're able to customise your fertilizer recipe for the A and B fertilizer containers. Instead of individual bags, you order a tailor-made mix. This gives you a lot of convenience and saves you time and effort. By creating your own crop specific mix, you no longer need to fill your containers with separate bags. The advantage of the ultrasol easybag is the ready to use mixed composition. The recipi is formulated on the basis of common simple fertilizers that are mixed during the production process. This creates a blend. The advantage is that the whole bag contains the same composition. Dosage from the Big bag is therefore theoretically an option. An important advantage of the mixed compound is its improved solubility. In addition, emptying the big bag is smooth and fast.

Ultrasol Easybag distinguishes itself not only by being a blend, but also by the use of double concentrated bitter salt. This highly concentrated bitter salt has the advantage that the bitter salt in the mix does not become hard. In addition, more fertilizer fits into the big bag;
By reducing the number of kilos of dual-salt bitter salts, depending on the recipe, you can save on 6 bigbags - 1 big bag. The weight of the big bags for the A and B tank filling can vary from 400 to 1,200 kg. one sample is taken from each big bag to check its composition.
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