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Liquid fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers are increasingly being applied in professional greenhouse horticulture. For example, liquid fertilizers are easy to mix and the liquid fertilizers are generally better absorbed by the crop. Royal Brinkman offers various types and sizes of liquid fertilizers.

Use of liquid fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers have become increasingly popular in recent years. The use of liquid fertilizers has advantages. For example, liquid fertilizers are easy to mix and the fertilizers are generally better absorbed by the crop. When using liquid fertilizers, the risk associated with the use of liquid fertilizers must be taken into account. Take all the necessary safety measures to reduce the risks of accidents as much as possible. Our specialist will explain how to work safely with liquid fertilisers

Range of liquid fertilizers

Depending on your way of cultivating, you will choose which liquid fertilizers are suitable for your crop and soil, together with our specialist. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of Fertigro and Easygro liquid fertilizers including calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, potassium carbonate, magnesium sulphate, potassium sulphate, potassium phosphoric acid, caustic potash 50%, magnesium nitrate, nitric acid 38%, phosphoric acid 59%, calcium chloride, potassium metasilicate and potassium phosphite. 

Storage of liquid fertilizers

The storage of liquid fertilizers is something that needs to be considered carefully. For example, there are requirements for the tanks in which the fertilizers are stored, but also the drip trays in which the fertilizer tanks are stored, have to meet a number of requirements. 

Buying liquid fertilizers

Royal Brinkman's range of liquid fertilizers consists of various products, such as, cans, barrels, IBCs and multiboxes.  
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