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Fertigro KBL barrel 200 l/290kg

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Fertigro KBL barrel 200 l/290kg

Item no. 150120559
pallet = 1160 kg
barrel = 290 kg
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Fertigro KBL (potassium oxide) is a liquid fertilizer, which is used for fertilization in professional greenhouse horticulture. It provides optimal fertilization with a number of simple and compound fertilizer packages.

In this way, the fertilization strategy can be constantly and easily adapted to the changing wishes and needs of the plant.
Fertigro liquid fertilizers are characterized by high purity, flexibility, ease of work, reliable deliveries* and the possibility to automate fertilizer application.


 Potassium oxide (K2O) 33% water soluble

Mole contribution

7 mol K+ / kg

Base input

7 mol OH- / kg


In order to apply Fertigro KBL correctly, a calculation (fertilizer schedule) must be used. In this way the desired concentration of Fertigro KBL in the nutrient solution is taken into account.


Fertigro KBL is available in:

  • Cans of 17,2 liter
  • Barrels of 200 liter
  • IBC's/multiboxes of 1500 kg


Fertigro KBL should be stored in the designated area. Make sure you meet the legal requirements to minimize the risk of dangerous situations and health problems. Moreover, you should always handle Fertigro KBL safely.

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