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Easygro 06-03-06 can (243,6) 15 l/17,4kg

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Easygro 06-03-06 can (243,6) 15 l/17,4kg

Item no. 150286544
can = 17,4 kg
pallet = 12 can
pallet = 208,8 kg
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Easygro 06-03-06 is a liquid NPK fertilizer, containing main and trace elements (excl. calcium). Thanks to its sophisticated composition, this NPK fertilizer is suitable for all crops. The trace elements are bound to a chelate. The iron in the manure set is bound to an EDDHA chelate, which is easily absorbed at all pH values.

After rooting, it is important that the crop is able to grow optimally, so that the basis is laid for maximum production. By dosing the right proportions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the growth of the crop will not be too slow or too fast. In this way, all newly formed cells and organs can develop optimally.


Easygro 06-03-06 can be used to administer nitrogen, phosphate and potassium to the crop. In this way we work towards optimal growth and maximum production.


Easygro 06-03-06 is available in 30 liter cans, 15 liter cans and 200 liter drums.

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