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Fertigro AS can (369,4) 20 l/26,4kg

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Fertigro AS can (369,4) 20 l/26,4kg

Item no. 150918828
can = 26,4 kg
liter = 1,32 kg
pallet = 14 can
pallet = 369,6 kg
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Fertigro AS can, for blueing hydrangeas is usually used potassium alumina or aluminum sulfate. For the users it is not new that these substances in solid form at all times give problems with solving and that there is always residue left behind. Royal Brinkman's Fertigro AS can be used in the same way as the solid products, only dissolving in hot water and leaving residue are a part of the problems that belong to the past with the use of Fertigro AS.


  • Remains well dissolved
  • No precipitation
  • No blockages
  • Possibility of dosing via drip systems
  • Less residue on the crop (due to better solubility)
  • The dust released during the preparation of Kali-aluin and Rosal is very bad for your health


Fertigro AS (liquid aluminum sulfate) is used in the hortensia cultivation for blue coloring of the flowers. For a good result we advise dosing Fertigro AS in the period from August to September.

Fertilization advice

The essential element for the blue colouring of Hydrangeas is the aluminium. An optimal blue coloration is obtained at a pH of 4.0 - 4.3, because aluminum can only be absorbed by the plant at a low pH. A disadvantage is that aluminum is very easily captured by phosphate, so the aluminum is no longer available to the crop. Therefore it is advised to use phosphate-free fertilizers such as Universol White 15-0-19 from 3 weeks before and during dosing of Fertigro AS.


Recommended dosage of Fertigro AS is 3.000 liters per hectare divided over 5 or 6 watering sessions. The advice is to dissolve 500 liters of Fertigro AS in 20 m3 of water per turn.

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