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Plant resistance

Plant resistance is an important aspect in greenhouse horticulture. Combating diseases is less and less done chemically. It is more often dissolved with silicium products. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of plant resistance nutrition. 

What is plant resistance? 

The plant resistance of a plant ensures that the crop is stronger and less sensitive to stress, which can be caused by diseases and pests. A resistant plant means a strong and healthy plant, which can lead to an increase in the quality of the plant and fruits.

Improve plant resistance 

Silicium products can contribute to improved plant resistance. This is because the plant is less sensitive to stress if it can absorb more silicon. Silicon has positive influences, for example the cell walls and roots. But how exactly does silicium products contribute to a healthier crop? Ask our specialist to learn more about plant resistance and silicium products.

Assortment of plant resistance 

Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of plant resistance agents. This range is filled with products from PlantoSys, PHC, Ferm-O-Feed and Megrow. 
Do you still have questions about the effect of plant resistance agents or would you like tailor-made advice? Then please contact our specialists.
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