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Plant vitality

Plant vitality is very important for a good production. Make sure the plant is in good health with plant-strengthening products. A good health of the plant, ensures an improved resistance against diseases and pests.
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What is plant vitality? 

Plant vitality means a healthy plant, with a natural defence against biotic and abiotic stress. For example, good plant resistance provides better protection/resistance against diseases, pests, diseases, bacteria, fungi and viruses. 
A vital plant will have to invest less energy when it is confronted with diseases and pests. This can increase production and growth.

Improving plant vitality

Improving plant vitality will have a higher chance of success, when using different biostimulants with a combination of different bacteria and good fungi.
For example, the rhizobacteria and the entire soil life help to improve the plant's defense mechanism by cooperating with the plant against harmful pests, diseases, etc.
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