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Greenhouse shading

Greenhouse shading agents, or greenhouse shade paint, are used in horticulture for heat reduction the greenhouse and prevent spikes to create an optimal greenhouse climate. Many crops are not resistant to full sun or high temperatures. You can protect your crop from the heat by applying a chalk or diffuse coating to the greenhouse cover. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of greenhouse shade paint, diffuse coatings and cleaners.

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What is the best shading for Greenhouses?

Hermadix is a worldwide supplier of screen equipment. The range includes chalk shading and diffusion coatings that contribute to an optimal greenhouse climate. Royal Brinkman has an exclusive partnership with Hermadix, which means that a suitable greenhouse  shading paint is available for every greenhouse and crop.

Because every crop has different needs, Hermadix offers suitable greenhouse shading paint for every crop. In this way you weather the sun, get more yield from the sunlight or reflect sunlight. This all for heat reduction in the greenhouse. 

Shading agents

Shading agents offer a solution if the crop is not resistant to full sun of high temperatures. During a warm period, you can chalk the greenhouse. The chalk causes the light to be reflected, reducing the temperature in the greenhouse. In this way you always maintain an consistent temperature into the greenhouse. Royal Brinkman offers different greenhouse shading agents. Our specialists explain the use of a shading agent in an article.

  • Q3 White: a medium weatherproof adjustable screen material. The shading paint is specially developed for glass, plastic foil, polycarbonate and acrylic.
  • Q4 White: a liquid, weather-resistant shielding agent, which counteracts high light irradiation in the summer months. Curious about the difference between Q3 and Q4 White? Read it in the specialist article.
  • Q Heat: a screen product that only reflects heat radiation with the aim of creating a cooler greenhouse climate.
  • Q Black: a screen product that makes total solar eclipse possible, for maximum shielding. Curious about where and how Q Black is used? Our specialists have written an article about the use of Q Black as a screening agent. 

Difference powder and liquid shading agents

The big difference between liquid and powder agents is in the composition and shape. Liquid shading agents are liquid and powder shading agents are powder. In recent years the greenhouse constructions have changed considerably, which has increased the need for a different way of shading the greenhouse. Shading the greenhouse had to be safer, easier, more accurate and, of course, faster. Liquid shading paint was developed from this need. Our specialists wrote an article in which they tell you all about the differences and effects.

Diffuse coatings

Diffuse coatings have the important property of allowing light to pass through them, thereby allowing only a portion of the light to pass through. This property is also called light transmission. The light that is not transmitted by the diffuse coatings is partly reflected and partly converted into heat. Our specialists explain in an article which different coatings are available.

  • D Gree: provides diffuse light that also reflects heat radiation (NIR) for a more pleasant greenhouse climate.
  • D Fuse: creates a diffuse light that penetrates deeper into the crop, resulting in higher production and better quality.
  • D Fuse Extra: is suitable for ornamentals and gives 10-15% more screening of the growing light. 
When applying a diffuse coating, it is important to take a number of points of attention into account. For example, it is important to always apply the diffuse coating to a clean greenhouse deck. The time of application of the diffuse coating is also important.

How to get rid of greenhouse shading

To remove shading agents from your greenhouse deck, we recommend using cleaners. Removit, developed by Hermadix, is the cleaner for removing greenhouse paint such as Q3 and Q4 and diffuse coatings D-Fuse and D-Gree. Our specialists have listed a few tips for removing the greenhouse shading paint.

Buy greenhouse shading paint

At Royal Brinkman you can find various types of shading paint and agents. Would you like more information about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days.

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