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Shading agents

Hermadix greenhouse shading agents , or greenhouse shading paint, are mostly used in horticulture. Many crops are not resistant to the full sun or high temperatures. By applying a chalk or diffuse coating to the greenhouse roof, you create an optimal greenhouse climate and prevent peaks. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of greenhouse shading paint, diffuse coatings and cleaners.

Hermadix shading agents

Royal Brinkman has an exclusive partnership with the producer of greenhouse shading paint, Hermadix. Since every crop has different needs, there is a shading agent available for every crop. In this way you, can repel the sun, get more efficiency from the sunlight or reflect your sunlight. Hermadix also offers the product Removit, which removes screen materials (Q and D products) from the greenhouse deck. 

Liquid shading agents

If the crop is not resistant to full sun or high temperatures, the liquid shading paint from Hermadix offers the solution. During a warm period you can chalk the greenhouse, which reflects light and reduces heat. In this way you always maintain an consistent temperature into the greenhouse. Royal Brinkman offers two different liquid chalk products: Q3 White and Q4 white. Our specialists explain the use of a shading agent in an article.

Diffuse coatings

Diffuse coatings scatter light over the crop, so crops do not run the risk of being damaged by excessive light intensity. This scattered light is also called diffuse light. Every crop has different needs, therefore Hermadix has developed different diffuse coatings. Our specialists explain in an article which different coatings are available.

  • D Gree: provides diffuse light that also reflects heat radiation (NIR) for a more pleasant greenhouse climate.
  • D Fuse: creates a diffuse light that penetrates deeper into the crop, resulting in higher production and better quality.
  • D Fuse Extra: is suitable for ornamentals and gives 10-15% more screening of the growing light. 
When applying a diffuse coating, it is important to take a number of points of attention into account. For example, it is important to always apply the diffuse coating to a clean greenhouse deck. The time of application of the diffuse coating is also important.

Cleaning your greenhouse roof

In addition to greenhouse shading paint and diffuse coatings, Royal Brinkman also offers a cleaner for cleaning you greenhouse roof at the end of the season. Removit, developed by Hermadix, is the cleaner for removing greenhouse paint such as Q3 and Q4 and diffuse coatings D-Fuse and D-Gree. 

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