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Q-Black (880) 20kg

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Q-Black (880) 20kg

Item no. 370014684
bucket = 20 kg
pallet = 44 bucket
pallet = 880 kg
pallet = 660 liter
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Q-Black is an adjustable shading agent, which means that it is widely applicable for crops and areas where maximum shading is needed. The special composition of Q-Black has ensured that the heat reduction is very high and that a maximum protection can be achieved.

User experiences show, that with Q-Black wear off on the apex of the roof is minimal. The top of the greenhouse is very important to shade, because this part of the greenhouse the sunlight shines from early morning until late evening. Q-Black ensures a stable climate.

Q-Black does not contain any components that are harmful to the environment. 

Advantages Q-Black

  • Maximum protection
  • Adjustable shading percentage
  • Minimal wear off
  • Machine or manual application
  • Easy to remove

Dosage Q-Black

With Q-Black its possible to shade with the most optimal way for your crop or workspace option. By dilution each shade percentage can be established.

Buckets per haShading in Lux Lifespan (weeks) +/- Weather resistance
34 88% 21 - 23 Maximum 
25 81% 18 - 20 Maximum 
20 74% 15 - 17 Maximum 
1768% 12 - 14 Medium
15 60% 10 - 11 Medium 
1355%6 - 9Medium 







Dosages are based on a 2000 liter spraying solution per hectare

Usage Q-Black

Q-Black is also successfully applied in for example Phalaenopsis cultivation. Furthermore Q-Black is used on processing areas or for a better working environment.

Calculate the number of buckets needed to get to the correct shading percentage (can be seen in table above). Mix the shading agent and clean water. Use enough spraying liquid to be able to divide Q-Black evenly. The amount of spraying liquid is dependent on the spraying method. If it is applied mechanically, use 1200-1400 liters per hectare. For manual application, 1500-1700 liters per hectare is recommended. It is advized to continuously stir the liquid during the application of the shading agent.

Apply Q-Black on a clean surface, when it's dry.

Q-Black can be removed from the greenhouse easily. By applying Removit in the correct dosage the rain will clean the greenhouse. If it does not rain for a long time, Q-Black can also be washed off manually.

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