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Temperzon T74 750ml

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Temperzon T74 750ml

Item no. 370014294
can = 0,75 liter
can = 750
box = 3 can
liter = 1,09 kg
pallet = 300 can
pallet = 100 box
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Temperzon T-74 is the world's first liquid shading agent for the horticultural sector. In wet conditions, such as rain, this layer of shading agent becomes transparent to compensate the reduced light intensity. The shading agent can be - both mechanically and manually – applied to glass, polycarbonate, foil and acrylic greenhouses.

Temperzon T-74 does not contain any components that are harmful to the environment.


  • Extremely weather proof shading agent.
  • Transparent when wet, white when dry.
  • Applicable on all greenhouse surfaces.


You can choose the optimal shading percentage easily by deluting Temperzon T74. The table below shows the shading percentage per quantity of buckets.

Number of buckets per hectareShading percentage when dryShading percentage when wetLife span (in weeks)

The lifespan was measured in an average European climate. Extreme weather could influence the results in the table.


Temperzon T-74 can be removed mechanically or manually at the end of the shading season by brushing or letting it wear exposed to all types of weather.

Make sure to store this shading agent frost proof.

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