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Temperzon T74 IBC (1000L/1130 kg)

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Temperzon T74 IBC (1000L/1130 kg)

Item no. 370014320
box = 1130 kg
box = 1000 liter
liter = 1,09 kg
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Temperzon T74 is a flexible shading agent, introduced in 1974 and thereby it’s the first liquid shading agent for worldwide Horticulture use. Temperzon T74 is a weather-resistant screening agent that becomes transparant in wet conditions. The agent can be applied worldwide on greenhouses and tunnels made of glass, polycarbonate, film and acrylate.

Temperzon T74 prevents excessively high interior temperatures and slightly tempers the light. With a thin even coat, the fine pigment produces perfect shading. Instead of being removed from the surface by rain, the protective coat wears due to ageing or extreme precipitation. We advice to use Shadefix powder for re-shading. Several layers of Temerzon T74 is not recommended because of a long lifetime expectancy. The shading effect and resistance to rain may diminish if the product is diluted with a ratio higher than specified. As soon as Temperzon T74 becomes wet due to rain or due to water from rooftop sprinklers, the shading agent will turn transparant and most of the available light will be let through. The coating layer will turn white again after drying.


Temperzon T74 can be safely applied on the greenhouse surface. Mix 270 liter Temperzon T74 with 1200 litres clean cold water for 1 hectare. Stir slowly and apply to a dry, clean surface by spraying. Apply during drying weather which permits a drying time of 4 hours.

Number of buckets per hectareScreening percentage LUX in dry conditionScreening percentage LUX in wet conditionLifespan
1870-75%15-20%22-25 weeks


At the end of the sreening season, Temperzon T74 can be removed mechanically or you can choose to let it wear off.

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