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PhormiTex 66 (B)

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PhormiTex 66 (B)

Item no. 257000370
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PhormiTex 66 (B) is a shading screen by Phormium and has a closed structure. The fire retardant shading screen consists of acrylic fibers, transparent and aluminum bands. This allows water transport from the bottom to the top of the shading screen. In sunny periods the aluminum reflects the sunlight and during colder periods it helps to retain heat.

Advantages PhormiTex 66 (B) 

  • Fire retardant
  • Energy saving of 60%
  • Shade of 66%
  • Available in standard measurements*
  • Possibility of water transport (bottom to top of screen cloth)


Standard measurements PhormiTex 66 (B)*

PhormiTex 66 (B) is available in different standard sizes.

QualityStandard measurements (cm)
 PhormiTex 44 (B) 335 (B) 400 (B) 430 (B) 475  525
 PhormiTex 55 (B) 335 (B) 400 (B) 430 (B) 475  525
 PhormiTex 66 (B) 335 (B) 400 (B) 430 (B) 475  525
 PhormiTex 77 (B) 335 (B) * 430 (B) 475  525

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