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Chelates are used to successfully administer certain trace elements that the plant cannot absorb properly. Chelates iron ensure that the element remains stable in the manure tank.

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Brinkman Fe EDDHA (Librel Fe-HI) 7% 20kg
Ca-EDTA 10% (15x1) 1kg
Dissolvine HEEDTA 13% 25kg
Easygro Ca-EDTA 10% - bucket 25kg
Easygro Cu-EDTA 15% (18x 1) 1kg
Easygro Cu-EDTA 15% 25kg
Easygro Cu-EDTA 15% 5kg
Easygro DTPA 6% can (350) 25kg ADR
Easygro Fe-DTPA 7% 1kg
Easygro Fe-EDDHA 6% (4,0% o/o) 1 kg
Easygro Fe-EDDHA 6% (4,0% o/o) 5kg
Easygro Fe-EDDHA 6,5% (5,2% o/o) 5 kg [ESP/PRT/FR]
Easygro Fe-EDDHA+ 6% (4,8 o/o) 1kg
Easygro Fe-EDTA 13% (20 x1kg) 1 kg
Easygro Fe-EDTA 13% -K 25kg
Easygro Fe-EDTA 13% 5kg
Easygro Mg-EDTA 6% (1000) 25kg
Easygro Mn-DP 6% (10x1) 1kg
Easygro Mn-EDTA 13% (480) 1kg
Easygro Mn-EDTA 13% (500) 25kg
Easygro Zn-EDTA 15% (288) 1kg
Easygro Zn-EDTA 15% 25kg
Easymix Fe-Extra 5,5% 20 L/ 25 kg
Fe-EDDHSA 3% (280) 25,6kg/ 20ltr
Fertigro Cu-EDTA 9% (237.6) 15 ltr/19.8kg
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What are chelates?

Chelates, or chelated trace elements, are organic elements that the element (e.g. manganese, copper, iron, etc.) holds like a claw. In this way, the element remains better available to the plant when it is dissolved in the fertilizer solution. Chelates should be used to prevent deficiency symptoms in plants. A chelated trace element is in contrast to a sulphate more mobile in the plant resulting in a fast and distributed absorption of the trace element. In winter there is less evaporation, which makes elements more difficult to move. Our specialists therefore advice you to use chelated trace elements in the winter.

Iron chelates

The administration of iron to a crop is always done by means of a chelate, chelated iron. This is because iron precipitates easily when it comes into contact with other elements in the fertilizer solution. Therefore, iron-containing foods should always be administered in chelated form to prevent deficiency symptoms in the plants. Our specialists wrote an article about how iron chelates work.

Chelates stability

Chelated trace elements are available in various types. For example, there is a difference in the stability of an EDTA, DTPA or EDDHA chelate. The EDDHA chelate is the strongest and at a high pH in the fertilizer, it will remain stable and thus available to the plant. All these chelates have their own stability at a certain pH value. Depending on the crop and the pH value in the fertilizer solution and the root environment, a suitable chelate can be selected.
Chelates can also be found in a trace elements mix, such as the Easymix for floriculture.

Buying chelates

The range of chelated trace elements at Royal Brinkman varies. For example, various nutrients DTPA, EDTA or EDDHA can be purchased chelated. Would you like to receive more information or would you like to receive advice about the possibilities of chelating, for example chelated iron for plants? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists. We will contact you within 24 hours on working days.
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