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Fe-EDDHSA 3% (280) 25,6kg/ 20ltr

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Fe-EDDHSA 3% (280) 25,6kg/ 20ltr

Item no. 150113102
can = 20 liter
pallet = 14 can
pallet = 280 liter
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Fe-EDDHSA 3% is a chelated iron fertilizer. 3% of the iron in this fertilizer is bound to the EDDHSA chelate.

It is important to ensure good iron toxicity in the crop, because this nutritional element has important functions in a plant. For example, it largely contributes to the process of photosynthesis, through the production of chlorophyll, but it is also indispensable in the development of growth points in the plant. A shortage of iron can have undesirable consequences for the crop. It is therefore important to prevent this at all times.


Fe-EDDHSA 3% is available in 20 litre cans.



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