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Sodium molybdate 39% 5kg

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Sodium molybdate 39% 5kg

Item no. 150264143
bucket = 5 kg
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Sodium molybdate 39% can be used to add molybdenum to the plant.

A plant needs molybdenum. Molybdenum is used by the plant to convert nitrate into the building blocks for proteins and is crucial for certain plant hormones. In case of molybdenum deficiency, malformation and yellowing can be seen in young leaves. In older leaves this same deficiency can only be recognized by yellowing.

Note: excessive use of this fertilizer can cause a copper deficiency in the plant that can be recognized by the death of buds, merists and shoots, excessive leaf growth (too little fruit), slack hanging of the plant, yellowing or graying of the leaves or curling the leaves.


 Shape Crystal
 Color White
 Formule Na2MoO4.2H2O


Sodium molybdate 39% is available in:

  • Bags of 12 gram 
  • Pot of 1 kg
  • Bucket of 5 kg
  • Bag of 25 kg
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