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Fertichel Iron 10 ltr

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Fertichel Iron 10 ltr

Item no. 150219808
can = 10 liter
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Fertichel Bio Zn contains a selection of trace elements, complexed by a natural organic substance derived from lignin. This substance is composed of organic polymers containing numerous different groups with negative charge. This makes them capable of forming highly stable organic complexes with metals (such as iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), magnesium (Mg) and copper (Cu)).
The liquid fertilizer immediately penetrates the leaf and therefore the sap flow of the plant once it has been applied.

Advantages Fertichel Bio Zn

  • Not phytotoxic 
  • No visible residue on leaf
  • Rapid absorption and efficient action 
  • Mixable with most agents
  • Are liquid: therefore easy to process
  • Has a stabilizing effect on the spray liquid

Application Fertichel Bio Zn

Use Fertichel Bio Zn when a liquid fertilizer with additional input of zinc is needed. In addition, this zinc fertilizer is organic.

Packaging Fertichel Bio Zn

Fertichel Bio Zn is available in cans of 10 liters.

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