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Easymix Vegetable-Soil 25kg

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Easymix Vegetable-Soil 25kg

Item no. 150212401
bucket = 25 kg


Easymix Vegetable-Soil is a trace element mixture, poor of sodium and specifically designed for the use in vegetables. The mixture contains chelated trace elements and there for the crop can take up these elements from the soil really easily. There has to be made sure that the pH of the water is below 7. A higher pH will affect the stability of some of the chelates and there for can have a negative effect on the plant uptake.

Use Easymix Vegetable-Soil as a regular trace element mixture during fertilization or specifically use it during signs of deficiency. Dependent on the level of iron in the soil an extra dosage of iron chelate can be advised.


Boron (B)0.7%
Copper (Cu)0.6% EDTA chelated
Iron (Fe)3.2% EDTA chelated
Manganese (Mn)2.3% EDTA chelated
Molybdenum (Mo)0.5%
Zinc (Zn)2.9% EDTA chelated


Adviced dosage in a 1,000 liter container is 1-2 kg Easymix Vegetable-Soil per 100 kg of fertilizer.
For foliar fertilization, depending on the need of the crop, 25-50 grams Easymix Vegetable-Soil per 100 liters of water (min. 400 liters spray liquid per hectare). Always try a test spray to prevent damage.


The Easymix Vegetable-Soil is available in 1 kg and 25 kg.

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