Crop care

The department 'Crop Care' focuses on fertilizers, pre-treatment materials, chalk and shading agents. The product specialists in this field are busy with making the most out of your crop. They can help you with calculating the right nutrition schedules, analyzing data and advising you the best chalk- and shading agents for your business. Everything to make the most out of your photosynthesis. 

Which combination of fertilizers can save money? What type of coating will give you the best crop quality? How do you care of your plants after the harvest? The product specialists and purchasers of crop care are day in day out busy with the questions mentioned about. So we are constantly looking for opportunities to help you get the most out of your crops.

The product specialists fertilizers can help you calculate nutrition schedules and analyse data. This helps you to fertilize your crop efficiently as possible to get optimal production. You can also ask advice from our product specialist shading agents for the optimal utilization of light - protection for your crop. In addition, the experts can advise you about the possibilities and advantages of working with pre-treatment materials. In short all our activities brought together within the theme of crop care to make the photosynthesis and so your production run optimally.

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Team Crop Care

Ramon Verdel
Product manager crop care
+31 174 – 446 227 

Jaap Lubbersen
Product specialist fertilizers
+31 174 – 446 315 

Tom de Haas
Product specialist fertilizers
+31 6 - 27 746 974
Peter Goossens
Product specialist fertilizers
+316 - 27 746 917 
Richard Hagedoorn
Product specialist shading agents
+316 - 27 746 998
 Gai Vegter
Jr. product specialist Shading agents 

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