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Biological crop protection

Biological crop protection, also called biological pest control, is the control of pests and diseases in the crop through the introduction of natural enemies of the harmful organisms, biological plant protection products and plant protection products of natural origin. With the help of biological crop protection you keep diseases and pests in your crop under control and the harmful insects and pests cause fewer problems to the crop.

Biological Crop Protection products

  • Biological crop protection at Royal Brinkman

    What is biological crop protection and how can we help? Biological crop protection starts with the timely detection and monitoring of diseases and pests in the crop. In this way you can take action to keep the pests under control and even more important: combat. Royal Brinkman offers knowledge, advice and products for the deployment of biological crop and plant protection. For monitoring and scouting pests you will find among other things signal rollers and plates and pheromone traps in our range. In addition to monitoring and scouting, biological and chemical pest control is very important to protect the crop against harmful organisms. Plant resistance has also become increasingly important in recent years. That is why Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of plant strengtheners to meet the needs of plant resistance. In combination with the advice of our crop protection specialists and the knowledge from our knowledge base, we enable growers around the world to protect their crops with the aim of improving their crop yield. 

  • Biological crop protection

Biological pest control range

Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of biological pest control products - including biological pesticides (biopesticides), natural enemies, insects, pheromones, bumblebees or bumblebee hives and signal rollers - from leading suppliers such as Agrobio, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Ecostyle and Certis Europe. These biological pest control products offers you the opportunity to control and prevent diseases and pests in a biological way. Our range is divided into a number of important product groups:
  • Biological pesticides: agents (biopesticides) with a natural active ingredient based on plant extracts, micro-organisms or pheromones.
  • Natural enemies: pesticides that are used as natural enemies of the harmful organisms. 
  • NO agents: crop protection agents of natural origin using natural enemies. These agents control fungi, insects and in some cases can make the crop more resilient. 
  • Pheromone traps: fragrances that are excreted by plants and/or animals, giving a signal. 
  • Bumblebees: bumblebees are used for pollination of crops in the greenhouse.
  • Signal rollers and plates: sticky traps that are used in the greenhouse to catch and signal pests.
These are some biological pest control examples. Our range of biological crop protection products enables you to prevent, detect and control pests in a biological way. Our range at royalbrinkman.com is divided into various pests. This way you always know which products and insects you can use to control the right pests.

Types of beneficial insects

Diseases and pests, including whitefly, aphids or spider mites, can cause great damage to the crop. At Royal Brinkman you will find a wide range of natural enemies, like phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita and phytoline, to control pests in the greenhouse. See which natural enemies you can use to combat diseases and pests in a natural and biological way. In addition, when introducing beneficials, you need to take into account, for example, the climate in the greenhouse. Climate can have a major impact on the functioning of the natural enemies. Our specialist therefore wrote an article to take this into account when releasing natural enemies. In this way you achieve optimum results and prevent damage to the crop.

Integrated pest management

Due to the increasing interest in subjects such as food safety, sustainability and the environment, integrated crop management has become increasingly important in recent years. In the application of integrated crop management, a combination of biological plant protection products and chemical crop protection is made. To a large extent, integrated crop management makes use of biological crop protection to prevent and control pests. When biological control is no longer possible, chemical crop protection agents are used to correct. In this way the grower counteracts the resistance of pests, giving you the most effective result possible. To start with integrated pest management, you have to take several steps.

Buy organic crop protection products

Want to buy biological pest control products? Then you've come to the right place at Royal Brinkman. On royalbrinkman.com you can order your required biological crop protection products quickly and easily with your personal prices. Do you have questions about the use of biological crop protection? Please contact one of our crop protection specialists. 

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