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SalicylPure (12x1) 1 ltr

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SalicylPure (12x1) 1 ltr

Item no. 180701250
box = 12 bottle
box = 12 liter
bottle = 1 liter
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SalicylPure is a bio-stimulant based on stabilized natural salicylic acid and is 100% systemic. Because it is absorbed by both the leaves and the root, it reaches every part of the plant.

SalicylPure was partly developed for greenhouse horticulture to drip from the A-fertilizer tray, as long as the pH is higher than 4.5. It can also be sprayed.


  • Fewer fall out
  • Better root development
  • Better intake of nutrition
  • Higher yields
  • Safe for natural enemies, bumblebees and bees
  • Suitable for organic cultivation


By means of leaf index (LAI) spraying or administration via the fertilizer trough on inert substrate:

Up to LAI 1 = 0.5 litres SalicylPuur/ha

Between LAI 1 and 3 = 1.0 litres SalicylPure/ha

For leaf spraying: 200 ml/100 litres of water, with a minimum of 1 litre/ha.

Spraying interval

Spray every 7 days.


SalicylPuur is available in:

  • Bottles of 1 liter
  • Cans of 10 liter


Dosing SalicylPure from the A-tank is a good option. It can also be used in organic agriculture and greenhouses (horticulture). Do not add SalicylPure in water to which hydrogen peroxide has been added. The salicylic acid used is of organic origin and will degrade quickly.

For questions, please contact the fertilizer product specialist in the crop care department.

For each crop protection chemical or biocide product the user must comply with the local legal conditions and regulations. Use crop protection products and Biocides safely. Always read the label and the safety data sheet.

This product will not necessarily be approved or authorized in your country.
Please check with the appropriate authority in your country as to whether you may legally use this product.
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