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Spare bulb Katlan-40

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Spare bulb Katlan-40

Item no. 410900427
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Trap lamps
To signal insects there is more and more demand for (besides the use of catching sheets) the so-called blue trap lamps. The flying insects are attracted by ultraviolet light. On their way to the lamps the insects fly against an energised grid, so that they are destroyed quickly and painlessly and subsequently come in a demountable collection tank on the underside of the equipment.

lamp field of action (m2) dimension (mm) power comsumption (watt) weigth (kg) UV-lamp grid voltage article no.  
Katlan junior+ 50 285x140 12 1,5 1x6 W 1200V/4,5ma 410900257
Katlan 30+ 180 390x150x150 30 2 1x30 W-u 4000V/10ma 410900303
Katlan 80 700 460x200 80 2,9 2x40 W-u 4000V/10ma 410900338
Katlan prof 50 450 38,5x39x19 65 8 2x25 W 4000V/10ma 410900451
Katlan prof 80 750 44,5x39x19 85 10 2x40 W 4000V/10ma 410900508

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