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Mealybugs Control

Mealybugs is a pest insect that occurs in both ornamental plants and fruiting vegetables. The most common species in covered crops is the citrus mealybug. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of mealybug treatment products for professional greenhouse horticulture.
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Mealybugs control

A mealybug is one of the most common pests in covered crops in horticulture. A mealybug is difficult to treat with chemical pesticides because of its protective wool layer. A pesticide for mealybugs treatment often does not work well enough. Biological control of mealy bug is possible with the help of natural enemies, including the parasitic wasp and the predatory beetle Cryptolaemus montrouzieri. 

Royal Brinkman offers among others biological enemies of Agrobio. Cryptocontrol is often used as a natural enemy of mealybug. The young larvae of the predatory beetle prefer the eggs and larvae of the mealybug, where the large larvae eat all stages of the pest insect. The predatory beetle and parasitic wasp are best released at a cool time of the day and close to the mealybug hot spots. 

Recognize and signalize mealybug

It is very important to identify and recognize mealybugs in good time. This will prevent damage to the crop as much as possible. Wool lice sucks up plant juices, which weakens the plant, resulting in reduced growth, deformation and/or yellowing of the leaf. Ask our specialist how to recognize and signal mealybugs in time.
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