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Nemasys F [250 million]

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Nemasys F [250 million]

Item no. 210105171
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NEMAcontrol F for the control of thrips, leafminer and Sciara.

Steinernema feltiae
NEMAcontrol F is a biological product and contains the parasitic nematode Steinernema feltiae. After application of the product, the nematodes will actively search for a prey, which they then enter and kill through the release of bacteria. NEMAcontrol F is completely safe for humans, environment, crops and beneficial insects. The nematodes are active at a soil temperature between 10 and 30°C. The parasitic nematodes of S. feltiae have both a soil and a foliar application.

Product characteristics

  • Controls thrips, leafminer and Sciara.
  • Safe for humans, environment, crops and beneficial insects.
  • Kills the prey through the release of bacteria.
  • Apply in humid conditions.

The packaging consists of a plastic tray containing 50 million or 250 million parasitic nematodes. NEMAcontrol F is also available in bulk packaging with 5 trays with 250 million nematodes. Content per tray: 90% parasitic nematodes, 10% inert ingredients and water.

Preparation of spray solution

  • Empty the content of one tray in a bucket with 10 L of water and stirr the solution well.
  • Use the entire tray at once.
  • Fill the spray tank for 75 % with water and add the nematode solution.
  • Add enough water to completely fill the tank.
  • Use the nematode solution directly after preparation.


  • Use the regular spray appliances fort he application of nematodes.
  • Remove all filters smaller than 0,3 mm (300 micron).
  • The pressure of the pump cannot exceed 20 bar/2000 kPa.
  • During application, the solutions needs to be constantly stirred to prevent the nematodes from sinking to the bottom.
  • Use a spray attachment of 0,5 mm (500 micron) or a bigger size.
  • The spray solution cannot be stored.


  • Apply in humid conditions.
  • Do not apply when the weather is sunny.
  • The (soil) temperature needs to be 10-30°C.
  • For soil application, spray the nematodes on the toplayer of the soil.
  • For soil application on the crop, spray the crop with water directly after application to rinse the nematodes onto the soil.
  • For leaves application, the leaves need to be sufficiently covered but dripping needs to be prevented.
  • For leaves application, the leaves need to stay wet for at least 2 hours.
  • Nematodes can be simultaneously used with other crop protection products, ask your productspecialist for more information.

Receipt and storage
Upon receipt, check the product for abnormalities and report any complaints or comments within 24 hours. Preferably use the product immediately. If storage is required, the product should be stored in the dark at a temperature of 5-7°C. Remove the (overbox) packaging and ensure good air circulation around the trays. See packaging for expiry date. When the product is stored longer and/or under different conditions Royal Brinkman is not liable for loss of quality.

This product will not necessarily be approved or authorized in your country.
Please check with the appropriate authority in your country as to whether you may legally use this product.
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