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Nemasys L [250 million]

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Nemasys L [250 million]

Item no. 210105121
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NEMAcontrol L for the control of taxus weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) and other weevil species such as Otiorhynchus armadillo and Otiorchynchus sallicicola.

Steinernema kraussei
NEMAcontrol L is a biological product and contains the insect parasitic nematodes Steinernema kraussei. After administration, the nematodes actively search for and penetrate the prey, after which they excrete bacteria, killing the prey. NEMAcontrol L is completely safe for humans, the environment, the crop and beneficial insects. The nematodes are already active at a soil temperature of 5°C so they can be used early in the season. The application of S. kraussei is particularly suitable in perennials, cut flowers and berries.

Receipt and storage
Upon receipt, check the product for abnormalities and report any complaints or comments within 24 hours. Preferably use the product immediately. If storage is required, the product should be stored in the dark at a temperature of 5-7°C. Remove the (overbox) packaging and ensure good air circulation around the trays. See packaging for expiry date. When the product is stored longer and/or under different conditions Royal Brinkman is not liable for loss of quality.

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