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Tuta absoluta trap [waterbased] (incl. lid and holder) (15)

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Tuta absoluta trap [waterbased] (incl. lid and holder) (15)

Item no. 181800780
pallet = 40000 piece(s)
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Water currency Tuta absoluta
This watertrap has been specially developed for the mass capture of the Tuta absoluta moth. In combination with other measures, this trap contributes very well to the effective control of Tuta absoluta. By placing a specific sex hormone above the watertrap, the adult males of the Tuta absoluta moth are lured to the trap and captured. Note: this hormone is not included as standard.

Product characteristics

  • Equipped with a water level monitoring system
  • Can be placed up to 40 cm higher using a rod
  • Can be connected to a drop irrigation system
  • With the help of a basket, the pheromone can easily be placed centrally and protected on top of the waterfall.

Instructions for use
Use 20 to 40 watertrap per hectare for the mass removal of Tuta absoluta. Fill the watertrapto the edge with water. Connect a dripper to the delta valley. Add a small amount of liquid soap or vegetable oil to the water to increase the trapping capacity.  Place the traps at a maximum height of 40cm from the ground or other substrate. Replace the pheromones after 4-6 weeks.

It is advisable to adjust the amount of product to be used with your advisor. 

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