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Tutatec [50 dispensers] (AB1)

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Tutatec [50 dispensers] (AB1)

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box = 3000 piece(s)
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bag = 50 piece(s)
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Tutatec from Agrobío is a dispenser consisting of a mixture of two compounds (E,Z,Z)-(3,8,11)-tetrade catrienyl acetate and (E,Z)-(3,8)-tetradecadienyl acetate. These compounds are described as constituents of the sex pheromone of Tuta absoluta.
The material of the dispenser is permeable to vapours and allows the emission of the different products to be controlled.
Under normal weather conditions, the life of the dispenser in the field is approximately 180 days, although it can be reduced in high temperatures or strong winds.

How does Tutatec work?
Female tomato leaf miners excrete a pheromone to attract males. Tutatec releases a large amount of this pheromone which then makes the males become confused and they are unable to find the females. When this happens there will be no mating and no offspring.

Advantages Tutatec
• As only 300 dispensers per hectare are needed, Tutatec saves labour compared to other pheromones.
• Tutatec confuses the male tomato leaf miner moth, reducing the number of mating’s
• Tutatec's dispensers operate for 5-6 months, giving them a long service life.

Application Tutatec
- Start introduction preventively, before a population of Tuta is present in the greenhouse.
- Dispensers should be placed in the field a few days before planting or in the beginning.
- The recommended number of dispensers per hectare is 300 in an alternative homogeneous spread.
- The ideal suspension height is 1 to 1.50 metres, hang it on the gutter suspension, but avoid the proximity of the growth tube.

Admission Tutatec
Tutatec may only be used in tomato and aubergine cultivation in the United Kingdom.

Handling and storage Tutatec
It is recommended to store the product, in its original packaging, at a maximum of 12 degrees Celsius. Preferably store in the refrigerator. Wear protective gloves when hanging the dispensers.

Check the product on delivery for abnormalities and report any complaints or comments within 24 hours. Preferably use the product immediately. If storage is required, the product should be stored in a dark place at a temperature of max. 12°C. If it is stored under different conditions Royal Brinkman is not liable for any loss of quality.

Packaging Tutatec
Tutatec comes in bags with 50 dispensers

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