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Signal Clip (red) [50 pieces] set

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Signal Clip (red) [50 pieces] set

Item no. 210306231
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Signal Clip® for easy retrieval of greenhouse pests.

The Signal Clip® system includes six different coloured clips, which are easy to clamp the crop wire. Each colour can be assigned a specific pest. Crop workers make sure they have a stock of clips with them. If a pest outbreak is found, the colour clip assigned to the pest is hung on the crop wire. If the pest is not recognised, the clip will be hung with the colour that is unknown.

Thanks to the Signal Clip® it is easy and quick to find starting problems in the greenhouse.

A suggestion for linking a colour to a pest;

red - sapwood
orange - leaf miner fly
yellow - white fly
green - aphid
blue - thrips
purple - unknown.

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