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Thrips Control

Trips is a pest insect that causes great damage in various crops in professional greenhouse horticulture. The most common species in greenhouses is the California thrips and the Tobacco strips. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of thrips control products for different crops.
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AMBLYcontrol (loose material) [250,000/bag]
AMBLYcontrol (loose material) [250,000/bag]
AMBLYcontrol TURBO [500 sachets] (AB1) (A. cucumeris)
AMBLYcontrol [50,000/tube] (AB1)
AMBLYcontrol [500 sachets] (AB1) (Amblyseius cucumeris)
Amblyline - bran-vermiculite - 1000 Sachet on stick
Amblyline - bran-vermiculite - 200 CRS Sachet
Amblyline - bran-vermiculite - 300 Gemini Sachet - 300000 In
Amblyline 6 lanes 100 m - bran-vermiculite - Bugline
Amblyline 6 lanes 140 m - bran-vermiculite - Bugline
Amblyline 6 lanes 80 m - bran-vermiculite - Bugline
Amblyseius degenerans [500]
Bugline swirskii (6x100m) box (BL)
HYPOcontrol Miles [125.000/bag] (AB4)
HYPOcontrol Miles [25,000/tube] (AB4)
Introbox for insects
MAJUScontrol [adults] 500/bottle (AB2)
MONcontrol [50.000/koker] (AB1) (Transeius montdorensis)
MONcontrol [500 sachets] (AB1)
MONcontrol [500 sachets] TURBO (AB1) (T. montdorensis)
Mite applicator Bug-tube
Montyline - 500 gemini sachet - 250000 Individuals
Montyline - Bugline - 6 lanes 100 m - 250000 Individuals
ORIcontrol L. [1,000/bottle] (AB1)
ORIcontrol L. [2,000/bottle] (AB1)
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Thrips in professional horticulture 

In horticulture there are many different types of thrips. The most common and harmful in horticulture are the western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis) and onion thrips (Thrips tabaci). Also there are some other thrips that appear in greenhouses. Our specialists wrote a article where they explain more about thrips, including the thrips fuscipennis. 

How to control thrips and get rid of thrips 

Trips occurs mainly on flowers and leaves. A chemical pesticide against thrips is often difficult, because many species are resistant to the active substance of such a crop protection product and the withdrawal of many authorised crop protection products. Biological control of thrips with the use of natural enemies, including predatory mites and predatory bugs offer a solution. 

Biological control of thrips 

Looking for biological crop protection for thrips control? At Royal Brinkman you can buy a wide range of biological crop protection, including biological pest control from Agrobio. Amblycontrol and Hypocontrol, both consisting of predatory mites, are often used as natural enemies against thrips. A. cucumeris is the best known predatory mite for biological thrips control. Are you wondering how you can use a predatory mite as a natural enemy? Our specialists wrote an article about it 

Recognize and signalize thrips 

It is very important to identify and recognize trips in time. This will prevent damage to the crop as much as possible. Thrips prick cells into the surface tissue of the plant, causing collapse of the cells. This can cause the leaf to dry out. Read the article on how to recognize and signal Trips in time. 

Buy thrips control products 

Would you like to buy thrips control products for professional horticulture? Our specialists will be happy to advise you and give your more information about their use. If you have a specific question about for example Amblyline, Swirskiline, Montyline or Moncontrol feel free to ask. Also in our Knowledge center there are some articles about how to recognise and control thrips, that can help you, in this way you always use the thrips control products in the right way. 

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