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MONcontrol mix [5 liter bag] (AB1)

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MONcontrol mix [5 liter bag] (AB1)

Item no. 210100105
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MONcontrol mix (loose) to control the white fly and thrips.

Amblyseius montdorensis

MONcontrol contains the predatory mite Amblyseius montdorensis from the family of the Phytoseiidae. This active predatory mite offers a good control of the white fly, thrips and broad mites. Besides this broad diet it also feeds on pollen and is therefore able to settle in many crops. Female adult mites lay their eggs on leaf hairs. Aafter 1-2  days, these eggs hatch into larvae. After this there are 2 nymphal stages until the adult stage is reached. From the first nymph stage they are predatory. At 25°C, the cycle from egg to adult last for less than 7 days. For the control of trips, this predatory mite has the advantage compared to Amblyseius cucumeris that they also eat  the second larval stage of the Thrips.  A. montdorensis is in comparison to other predatory mites, good resistant against high temperatures and dry conditions. They are also active in the winter at lower temperatures and shorter day light. Amblyseius montdorensis does not undergo a diapause during winter.

Product characteristics

  • Eats thrips and white fly.
  • Eats in addition to the first, also the second larval stage of the thrips.
  • Resistant to high temperatures and drier conditions.
  • Also active in low light (winter).
  • Faster population build up than A. cucumeris and A. swirski.


  • 250 Sachets with a hook (minimal outcome of 350 mites per sachet).
  • 250 Sachets with a hook TURBO (minimal outcome of 350 mites per sachet).
  • 500 mini sachets without a hook (minimal outcome of 250 mites per sachet).

Amblyseius montdorensis is available as loose material in tubes of 25.000 (1 liter) and 250.000 (5 liter) predatory mites. Due to the composition of the carrier material, the spreading can be done by hand, blowing or using the bio-spreader

User instructions

Keep the product cool until use. Divide the material as precisely as possible trough the greenhouse.

Storage and transport

Check the product when accepting the package for deviations and use it preferably immediately or within 18 hours of acceptance. If storage is required it should be placed in dark room at a temperature of 15 - 20°C.

> MBT/MPS: 990406


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