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AquaGro L 10 ltr

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AquaGro L 10 ltr

Item no. 280012201
can = 10 liter
box = 20 liter
pallet = 600 liter
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AquaGro L

AquaGro L has been specially developed for optimal water distribution in the substrate, so that at all times during cultivation there is certainty that the water you give ends up in the right place. At the same time, an ideal water/air ratio is achieved that benefits the root development of the plant.

Operation AquaGro L

Water resistance of the substrate
AquaGro L applies a film layer over the water-repellent parts of the substrate. This makes the substrate more water-repellent and makes it easy to (re)wet. This prevents potting soil or cutting medium from drying out spot by spot.

Better drainage
By using AquaGro L the drainage of the substrate is improved. Because of the uniform and optimal water distribution, the substrate is less likely to get 'too wet'.

Drip systems
At the place where the drip layer sticks into the substrate, a narrow moisture cone is often formed. By adding AquaGro L, the water is optimally distributed and therefore this limited cone will increase considerably. The roots are then no longer hindered in their growth and have an optimal water supply and nutrient concentration.

Availability of nutrients
The water is uniformly distributed in the substrate both vertically and horizontally. As a result, nutrients dissolved in the water are also distributed evenly throughout the substrate. In this way, the plant always has sufficient nutrients at its disposal.

Crop quality
An optimal availability of water and nutrients and an ideal water/air ratio are two of the most important conditions for the healthy development of a plant. The use of AquaGro L therefore results in a higher quality of plants. By administering AquaGro L to transport and/or storage in advance, the quality of the plants is also guaranteed during this period.

Advantages AquaGro L

  • Optimal water distribution in the substrate
  • Better drainage
  • Optimal distribution in drip systems
  • Dissolved nutrients equally distributed
  • Higher quality plants

Packaging AquaGro L
AquaGro L is supplied in 10 liter cans.

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