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Menno Hortisept clean IBC 1000 ltr

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Menno Hortisept clean IBC 1000 ltr

Item no. 181210346
box = 1000 liter
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Menno Hortisept Clean is an alkaline detergent specially developed for cleaning surfaces in agriculture and horticulture. Stubborn organic contaminants such as plant juices easily soak off, making it easy to rinse with water. In addition, it leaves no residue.

Application areas Menno Hortisept Clean
When using MENNO Hortisept Clean, little or no foaming occurs. This makes this cleaner very suitable for use in recirculating crates - or tray washing machines where foaming can be impractical.

Instruction manual Menno Hortisept Clean
Depending on the pollution, apply Menno Hortisept Clean Plus in a concentration of 1-3 % (while stirring) with warm water. Treat the surfaces to be cleaned evenly with a foam gun and leave to soak for a short time (1 to max. 5 minutes). Then rinse the surface under high pressure with warm water.

Tips Menno Hortisept Clean
* Always carry out a trial treatment first to test product compatibility.
* Prevent drying up
* Avoid direct plant contact due to damage

Packaging Menno Hortisept Clean
Menno Hortisept Clean is supplied in cans of 10 liters and IBC's of 1000 liter.

Please note that in the video, the foaming Horticept Clean plus is seen.

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