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Flexxomat TT (transport+tunnel)[1,5x2,21m](width x length)

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Flexxomat TT (transport+tunnel)[1,5x2,21m](width x length)

Item no. 181211097
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The Flexxomat TT disinfection mat is the preventive hygiene solution for passenger and transport traffic in the food industry, greenhouse horticulture, agriculture and laboratories. It is also very suitable for places where many people come together, such as large events, trade fairs and airports. Within the framework of quality management systems, such as HACCP, BRC, IFS, GSPP, risk and high care zones of production companies can be protected even better against the introduction of micro-organisms and their possible consequences.

The Flexxomat TT is unique and can be used for various types of (internal) transport, at which the mat, due to its innovative design and reinforcements (patented), does not need to be secured to the substrate. For an effective and disinfectant-efficient use, the Flexxomat TT can be equipped with an internal liquid distribution tunnel. The mat can then be connected to a dosing pump via an external hose grommet. The maintenance of the disinfection fluid in the mat is thus relieved and always guaranteed.

Flexxolutions has more than 15 years of experience in the development and production of disinfection mats and offers standard sizes as well as custom-made solutions.

Advantages and unique features of the Flexxomat TT:

  • Suitable for various types of internal transport.
  • Can be filled manually or automatically.
  • The absorbent liquid core and semi-permeable upper deck ensure the lowest possible evaporation of precious disinfectant.
  • Automatic filling ensures efficient use of disinfectant. The opteration of the mat is guaranteed; no more dry mat
  • The mat is virtually insensitive to curling due to internal stabilisation plates. The mat remains on its own and can easily be moved; No (drilling) holes in the floor.
  • The quality of the Flexxomat is guaranteed by its own design and production.
  • Available in standard sizes 1x2,21, 1,5x2,21, 2x2,21, 3x2,21, 4x2,21, 5x2,21 and 6x2,21m

Dosage Menno florades as filling for the mat:

Standard dosage 3% Menno florades specifically for the ToBRFV virus 4% dosage Menno florades.

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What is the difference between a Flexxomat PT and a Flexxomat TT?

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