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Drip System Cleaning

Cleaning the drip system is of great importance, because the water quality has a major influence on the growth of the crop. It is therefore important to monitor and control the water quality as well as possible. Royal Brinkman offers several products for cleaning your drip system.
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Drip system blockage

The drip system can easily become clogged by bacteria and inorganic salts. Based on the acidity of the water you can check the water quality. Hydrogen peroxide helps you to clean the drip system. Huwa San is a stabilized hydrogen peroxide that is used to clean your drip system. Biofilm and blockages in the drip system are effectively removed. Moreover, Huwa San has no negative effects on the crop. Our specialists wrote an article about cleaning the drip system during and after the crop rotation. Besides Huwa San, Chlorine bleach lye (sodium hypochlorite) is also used for cleaning drip systems. However, chlorine bleach lye may not be used for disinfecting water systems. It has no permission to do so.
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