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Foam equipment

Spray foam equipment can be used to disinfect the greenhouse. This unique foaming equipment below with no added air what could save product and/or increase coverage of all surfaces disinfected. By using the spray foam equipment in combination with a disinfectant, the greenhouse can be disinfected automatically or manually. Spray foam equipment offers growers the possibility to easily disinfect all corners and holes of the greenhouse. Royal Brinkman offers several spray foam equipment, such as: foam gun, foam lance and a mobile cleaning unit.
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Benefits of foaming

With the benefits of foaming, our foaming products will help you to fight a broad range of plant pathogens and reach areas that disseases can stay behind. More effective way of disinfecting all kind of equipment and structures. You can use various devices to use a foam cleaner as a cleaning and disinfecting product. Find more information in the Knowledge center article: What are the advantages of cleaning and disinfection with foam?

Foam lance, foam gun and cleaning unit as spray foam equipment

The foam lance can be connected to a meto spraying robot and adjusted as precisely as possible for each grower. The foam spray gun can drive automatically after setting. The foam gun can also be connected to the meto spraying robot to disinfect additional areas. A mobile cleaning unit can be used for floor disinfection. Consequently, Royal Brinkman offers a range of spray foam equipment for in the greenhouse and for the horticultural industry.

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