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Glass Cleaning

Glass cleaning is important in the greenhouse. Glass greenhouses with well cleaned glass allow more light into the greenhouse. This light is of great importance for the growth of a crop. Therefore it is essential to have proper greenhouse glass cleaning.
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Types of greenhouse glass cleaning products

Royal Brinkman offers various glass cleaning products. The glass cleaners can be based on fluroide, but here are also harmless and biological glass cleaning products.

  • Greenhouse glass cleaning based on fluoride
Glass cleaning agents that are made from fluoride can be based on hydrogen fluoride or ammonium bifluoride. In the assortment there is a choice of different types of glass cleaning products based on fluoride: Flusol forteTopcleaner and Ecoforte. Because all products are fluoride based and sometimes have a strong vapour effect, personal protection must be used. 

  • Ecological greenhouse glass cleaning
There are also glass cleaners that are not made from fluoride. Do you have vapour-sensitive crops and do you not want to run any health risks? Greenhouse glass cleaner is 100% organic and safe and has the same cleaning power as the other products. 

How to apply the glass cleaning products

When using a glass cleaner, you should take the following steps:
  1. Apply the glass cleaner to the glass with a spray gun or a mechanical cleaner.
  2. Let cleaner work in for about 10 to a maximum of 15 minutes.
  3. Do not let the glass cleaner work longer than the application time.
  4. Remove the glass cleaner in time with a powerful water jet.
In the Knowledge Center you can find more about how to use a glass cleaner in a greenhouse.
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