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Flusol forte (560) 20 L

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Flusol forte (560) 20 L

Item no. 181006099
can = 20 liter
pallet = 28 can
pallet = 560 liter
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Flusol Forte is a greenhouse cleaner based on fluoride and has been specially developed for the removal of soot, rust, dust, etc. Flusol Forte is to thoroughly clean your greenhouse and can be applied on both glass and foil.


Flusol Forte is extremely suitable for cleaning seriously soiled surfaces. Attention: glass coatings can be damaged by Flusol Forte. Please inquire about the possibilities before use. It is not suitable for removing screen materials.

Attention: The vapour action of Flusol Forte can be harmful to neighbouring crops. Use Flusol Forte only in an empty greenhouse.


Normal pollution: 6%
With regular annual use, a 3% dilution can be applied after testing.
Required per hectare: 2500 liters of solution.

User manual

Apply Flusol Forte in a solution diluted with water evenly to a damp substrate. Depending on the soiling, the dosage can be adjusted.

Spray the dirt off with a powerful jet of water after a soaking time of approx. 10 - 15 minutes or before drying.

Caution: Do not allow Flusol Forte to dry on the glass.


  • Use Flusol Forte only in an empty greenhouse
  • Do not use Flusol Forte near lilies or freesias.
  • Do not let Flusol Forte dry
  • Do not use Flusol Forte in combination with other cleaning products
  • Do not use Flusol Forte on (diffuse) glass with a special coating


Thoroughly clean used equipment and materials with water after treatment.


Flusol Forte is available in:

  • Cans of 20 liters
  • IBCs/multiboxes of 600 litres

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