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Greenhouse Glassclean 20 ltr (480)

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Greenhouse Glassclean 20 ltr (480)

Item no. 181006042
can = 20 liter
100 liters = 5 can
100 liters = 100 liter
pallet = 24 can
pallet = 480 liter
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Greenhouse (GGC) is a high quality, concentrated and organic (foam) glass cleaner for cleaning both AR-coated* and uncoated float and diffuse horticultural glass.

The glass cleaner is suitable for cleaning both inside and outside the greenhouse.

Properties Greenhouse Glassclean

Greenhouse Glassclean has a strong descaling and cleaning effect, making the glass cleaner suitable for the removal of algae, moss, green deposits, lime and other mineral pollution.

Special components provide a long-term stable and firm foam (if desired). The foam cleaning option has the advantage of longer exposure and contact time, even on vertical surfaces. The glass cleaner GCC is 100% safe for the environment and contains no hazardous components. In addition, it has no vapour action and is gentle on the skin. Greenhouse Glassclean is On the way to PlanetProof compatible.

Application Greenhouse Glassclean

Use the organic glass cleaner to clean the greenhouse. This can be done by applying the cleaning solution to the surface using a spray lance, foam installation or foam lance on the high-pressure cleaner. Leave GGC to work for 15 to 20 minutes, after which you can easily rinse away the excess dirt with an appropriate high pressure. Let it air dry.

In principle, GCC is safe for most crops, so the greenhouse does not necessarily have to be empty. However, it is advisable to test this on the specific crop in advance.

Dosage Greenhouse Glassclean

The optimal usage solution is 3-5 %. In case of extreme calcification or soiling, the product can be applied by foaming in order to prolong the contact and exposure time. The dosage can also be increased to a maximum of 10%.

*Contact us for suitability on your type of AR glass.

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