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Boot cleaner DR 400V300 Volt 0,80 Kw

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Boot cleaner DR 400V300 Volt 0,80 Kw

Item no. 181210386
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With its robust and functional system, the DR/400V300 assures thorough cleaning of the soles and the boots and is also very economical. The device is supplied with a step made of Inox and is fitted with a reservoir. The DR/400V300 has 3 vertical and 2 horizontal rotating brushes, as a result of which the soles and the shafts of the boots can be cleaned quickly and easily. By activating a switch, the rotation of the brushes is set in motion. A dispenser sprays detergent and water on the boots and brushes them at the same time. Adding detergent is done automatically by an adjustable dosing pump (venture injector). The machine is manufactured entirely from stainless steel, produced in accordance with the CE-standard and meets the highest quality requirements. The brushes can easily be replaced without the use of material.

  • Dimensions. brush: ø180 x 425, ø250 x 320. Connection: 3/4"-
  • DN50 Dimensions: 1,165x955x1,265
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