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Cleansy Hygiene station 01 Right

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Cleansy Hygiene station 01 Right

Item no. 181210408
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Cleansy Hygiëne station 01 Left (with rotating brushes)

The Cleansy is designed for controlled passage of employees when entering and leaving production areas. The Cleansy is the most compact hygiene station in our range and is therefore extremely suitable for smaller production environments and passageways. This hygiene station ensures optimal personal hygiene of the soles and hands. For the cleaning of soles we use high quality and extremely durable brushes that clean efficiently.

The hands are disinfected when both hands are detected simultaneously by the sensors in the hand openings. After the entire process (sole cleaning and hand disinfection) has been completed, the turnstile is released. The Cleansy hygiene station is available in a left or right-hand version, with or without brushes.

A hygiene station can be placed anywhere where the following connection points are present before installation and commissioning:

  • Water supply ½" or 15mm for cold water connection
  • Water outlet of  Ø 50mm
  • Power connection 400V, 16 A


  1. Very compact design for smaller production areas
  2. Robust construction
  3. Available in both left and right-hand versions
  4. Dry-running protection: no passage when hands are not disinfected
  5. PLC control: each parameter can be set (not accessible to unauthorized persons)
  6. Turnstile completely made of stainless steel
  7. Highly durable brushes
  8. Easy maintenance

Technical specifications

Power supply3 x 400 V / 50 HzLength of brushes880 mm
Power consumption0,47 kWDiameter of brushes190 mm
Water inlet1/2"Length station1465 mm
Water outletDN50Width station928 mm
Number of brushes2Height station1760 mm



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