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Flexxotrolley - mobile disinfection unit (Flexxoturi)

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Flexxotrolley - mobile disinfection unit (Flexxoturi)

Item no. 181211294
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Flexxotrolley - Mobile disinfection unit (Flexxoturi)

The Flexxotrolley is a movable disinfection-unit that can be used in combination with the Flexxomat disinfection mat for persons and internal transport traffic. The movable unit carrier is made of high-quality aluminum. This carrier has a 60 l. dosing container and a dosing pump for automatic replenishing of the Flexxomat.

  • Plug & Play, only a power connection (Flexxo pump) or water connection (Flexxoturi) is required at the position
  • Dimensions ± H1,300 x W550 x D750 mm (with attached dosing container)
  • Large loading platform for fluid container with solid lashing strap attachment
  • Executed with Inox tray system for the dosing pump
  • Easily movable for cleaning of the position
  • Flexibly deployable, Ideal for:
    • Knowledge institutions and seed breeders with limited cultivation space
    • Open days and cultivation tours with co-workers
    • Mechanic's activities in the greenhouse
    • The dispenserholder is easily size adjustable for various dispensers sizes


The Flexxoturi is a water driven venturi pump that automatically extracts the right proportion (set percentage) of disinfectant concentrate from the Flexxo container with the water, and thus pumps diluted disinfectants towards the mat.

  • Unit carrier
  • Stainless steel tray system
  • Flexxo container
  • Flexxoturi incl. water timer
  • Mountings
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