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An excipient is an active substance - incorporated in the formulation of a pesticide or available as a separate product - that increases the effectiveness and efficacy of chemical plant protection products. Within our assortment you will find a wide variety of excipients to increase the effectiveness of your spray liquid.
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Types of excipients in horticulture

Excipients are divided into three main groups: absorption improvers, dissolving agents and sutures. The use of these three types of excipients in combination with chemical crop protection results in even leaf distribution, increased leaf absorption and improved adhesion of the active ingredients. The term 'effluent' is often still used to refer to excipients. However, effluents are only one category of excipients used in combination with chemical pesticides. A formulation of a plant protection product often also contains an excipient. These excipients are added for various reasons:
  • An excipient ensures that the plant protection product ends up in the right place in the crop;
  • An excipient prevents the crop protection product from splashing. The product remains where it ends up;
  • An excipient prevents rinsing in the event of rain, for example;
  • An excipient ensures better distribution and absorption by the leaf or plant;
  • An excipient protects the crop protection product against UV light. This ensures that the effect of the crop protection product remains effective.

In addition to the three main groups, there are other excipients that are used in greenhouse horticulture but fall outside these three main groups. Some excipients are used, for example, to promote the dissolution of a crop protection product in water. However, when choosing and buying an excipient, various factors must be taken into account: formulation of a crop protection product, application technique, the crop and the climate in the greenhouse. If you are in doubt about the use of an excipient in combination with a crop protection product, always ask our crop protection specialists for advice about excipients. 
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