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Growth and Inhibtion means

Growth regulators are tools that influence the growth, development, yield and quality of crops. Royal Brinkman offers different growth regulators that have a different effect on the crop. Plant growth regulators contain chemically synthesized active substances that have a regulating function on the development of the plant. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of growth regulators for professional horticulture. 

Growth regulation in horticulture

Growth regulators, or plant growth hormones, can influence the growth of plants. The growth regulators can be divided into several groups, each with a different effect: flowering, growth, rooting and ripening. 
  • Ripening: A ripening agent is used when a plant is left behind in ripening during cultivation. The agents contain stress or aging hormones so that the plant is ready to harvest in a short(er) time. An example of this is the ripening of green tomatoes.
  • Rooting: A rooting hormone is a substance that is used to stimulate a leaf, or to cut a stem, in order to grow roots. The uniformity of the roots increases the number of roots produced and reduces the duration of the carrots. When the rooting hormone and other cultivation products are combined with optimal environmental conditions, the result will be optimal. The use of a rooting hormone is essential for one- and perennial bedding plant varieties that are difficult to root. 
  • Flowering promotion: Just like humans, plants also contain hormones, these are called 'gibberellins'. These hormones ensure various biological processes, such as cell elongation (stem growth), flowering (positive or negative), fruit setting, sprouting and seed germination. When there is a deficiency or no gibberellin in the plant, dwarf growth occurs in some plant species. Applying a growth regulator - even a low concentration - has great effects on the promotion of flowering.

Buying plant growth regulators

When buying growth inhibitors, it is important to buy the right product for the right purpose. Royal Brinkman's specialists can give you advice when you decide to buy growth regulators. Plant growth regulators can only be purchased with a valid spray licence.
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