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Growth inhibition

Growth inhibitors are agents that can influence the growth of plants. The growth inhibitors can be divided into different groups, each with a different effect: flowering, growth, rooting growth and ripening. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of growth inhibitors for professional horticulture.
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Growth inhibitors in horticulture

The growth inhibitors contain naturally occurring or chemically synthesized active substances that have a inhibiting function during the development of a plant. Proper use of growth inhibitors ensures a better end product and therefore a higher market value of this end product. Ask our specialists about the different growth inhibitors.

Plant hormones in growth inhibitors

In plants the so-called plant hormones are 'gibberellins', these are naturally occurring plant hormones with a number of physiological effects, which depend on nature, culture and species. This can have an effect on various biological processes, such as cell elongation (stem growth), flowering (positive or negative), fruit setting, sprouting, root growth and seed germination. The cell elongation of flowers and plants is inhibited or stimulated, so that they show less or more length growth. This makes it possible to influence the growth of the plant, the root growth and flower stems as you see fit. It also creates a more even flowering and stimulates branching.

Buy growth inhibitors

Would you like to buy a growth inhibitors, but would you like advice on the right product? Consult one of our crop protection specialists. They will be happy to advise you on the right growth inhibitors.
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