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DCM Vivisol + Bacillus (minigran®) (825) 25kg

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DCM Vivisol + Bacillus (minigran®) (825) 25kg

Item no. 150123280
pallet = 825 kg
pallet = 33 bag
bag = 25 kg
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DCM Vivisol + Bacillus (MINIGRAN®) is a soil improver for improving poor, sluggish or degraded soils. It stimulates the soil life present, which is indispensable after soil disinfection or steaming. The organic soil improver is permitted for use in organic cultivation.


  • Organic soil improver suitable for organic cultivation 
  • Improves physical and biological soil fertility
  • Improves drainage and ensures an airy soil structure with rapid rooting (increase moisture retention capacity)
  • Stimulates soil life
  • Authorised for use in organic farming [contains only raw materials authorised in Annex II of Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 on organic production method and amendments].
  • MINIGRAN® Technology


 Nitrogen total (N) 2% (organically bound)
 Phosphoric acid (P2O5) 0.8%, soluble in mineral acid
 Potassium oxide (K2O) 2.5%, water soluble
 Organic substance 60%
 Dry substance 85%

MINIGRAN® Technology

A microgranulate with dimensions between 800 and 2500 microns, of which at least 80% between 1000 and 2000 microns

  • Homogenously composed mini-grain
  • Up to 60 % better distribution for homogeneous colour and growth
  • Faster starting action, while maintaining the long after-effects
  • With well absorbable organic phosphorus sources for better root development
  • Low-odour, low-dust application
  • Easily applicable in all dosing systems and professional fertilizer spreaders


DCM Vivisol + Bacillus (MINIGRAN®) is recommended when soil fertility needs to be improved. It can also be used when soil phosphorus needs to be released.



-Leaf vegetables or others
-Fruit vegetables
-Other vegetables

-10 to 15 kg/100 m2
-15 to 20 kg/100 m2
-5 to 15 kg/100 m2

Fruits-5 to 15 kg/100 m2

Tree nursery
-Plant pit method

-5 to 15 kg/100 m2
-10 to 20 g/plant pit of 10L


-15 to 20 kg/100 m2

After steaming or disinfection of soil 

-15 to 25 kg/100 m2


DCM Vivisol + Bacillus (MINIGRAN®) is available in 25 kg bags.

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