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Rodent control and Pest control

Rodents and pests are common in greenhouse horticulture. These pests can cause a lot of damage on a farm. To prevent pests from entering your farm, you can take various measures, like rodent control products and pest control products to keep them out. Royal Brinkman offers a wide range of rodent control products and pest control products.

Rodent control

There are three types of rodent control measures for the exclusion of rodents: constructional, hygienic and occupational measures. For rodent control a method has been developed for the effective rodent control, whereby the spreading of poison is used as the last resort. This new method consists of four steps, namely monitoring, repelling, trapping and using rodenticides. We will explain this new method to you.

Pest control

Pests - such as flies, wasps and ants - can cause major nuisance to both greenhouse horticulture and agricultural businesses. Pest control can be done in two ways: by catching them and by chemical means. The advantage of capturing pests is that there is no chance of resistance and of poisoning other animals. On royalbrinkman.com we have various kinds of pest control equipment.
The CriCri lamp can be used to catch flying pests. This lamp attracts insects with the help of violet light, after which they are shocked when they touch the lamp. You can equip the CriCri lamps with an extra catching plate to increase their effectiveness even further.
If catching them does not remain effective enough, you can choose to pest control with chemical crop protection agents. By spraying them in the crop or at other places on the farm, the pests are eliminated. Our specialists can explain what steps you can take for pest control.
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