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Rodent control starts with the mapping of the pest (step 1: monitoring). Once you have mapped the extent of the pest, you can take measures to keep rodents out (step 2: prevention). If the pest is already present on your farm, you can capture the animals (step 3: capturing). If this is not effective, you can, in extreme cases, choose to use pesticides as the last step (step 4: controlling).

Rats control

Rats are rodents that do not travel much. They stay mainly in one place and reproduce. Therefore, start with rats at step 1 ( monitoring ) to find the pest. The rats control can be done by catching the rodents. If not all rats are caught, use rodenticide as a last alternative. Rodenticide is a poisoned bait. A licence for rodent control is required for the application of this.

Mice control

Mice are rodents that can reproduce quickly. It is therefore important to take quick action when mice have been spotted. Start the mice control by identifying the pest. When there is information about the size of the pest and the area where they are located, the following measures (step 3) can be taken. No rodent control licence is required for traps and traps. When rodenticides, toxic baits, are used to control rodents, it is mandatory to have a rodent control license.
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